The Two Pages Podcast – #5 – Two Pages of Leprechauns

Skeletroy, Tom, Maeve La Fey, and Grant have returned to read more funny stories! Also, Skeletroy is looking for some new writers for next month’s episode, “Two Pages of Fools”; please leave a comment if you’d like to be part of the show!

Grant’s story – 6:30
Maeve’s story – 14:55
Tom’s story – 29:50
Skeletroy’s story – 42:22

The Two Pages podcast – #3 – Two Pages of Anything

Skeletroy, Tom, and Debbie are back to read stories, along with newcomer Damon!

Debbie’s story – 2:13
Tom’s story – 12:27
Damon’s story – 26:33
Skeletroy’s story – 29:24

Visit Debbie’s website at
Visit Damon’s website at

The Two Pages Podcast – #2 – Two Pages of Celebrations

Skeletroy and friends gather again to spread some holiday cheer and tell some more stories!

Tom’s story – 4:12
Grant’s story – 15:16
Debbie’s story – 29:49
Skeletroy’s story – 41:04

To read more of Debbie’s stories, click here!

The Two Pages Podcast – #1 – Two Pages of Halloween

It’s Skeletroy’s newest podcast! For this debut episode, he recruited ThatRuled regulars: NNTV’s Chris, Graham, Thomas Fyrehart, and Grant Beard talk about Halloween a bit, and share some original two-page short stories.

Chris’ story starts at 10:21.
Graham’s story starts at 18:18.
Thomas’ story starts at 26:58.
Skeletroy’s story starts at 39:09.

The Amazing World of Gumball (CCW12)

*bzzt* Inkri*zzt* reviews one *bzt* *zt*toonNetworks’s newer cartoons. *Bzzzzt*tinuity *bzt*……………………………………………………

Reviewers Of The Lost Art 2 – Social Media (11/13/2012)

This time out, Jimmy TR, Samantha Maybe, SkeleTroy Blockbuster, Thomas Fyrehart, & TR newcomer Alanah Sees weigh in on Social Media: its usage, the implications of censorship versus accessibility, “the next big thing”, and more!

When That Ruled The World 3 – Growing Up in a World of Comic Books (11/09/2012)

Jimmy TR, Chris NNTV, Thomas Fyrehart, Samantha Maybe, and SkeleTroy Blockbuster discuss their various memories and opinions about growing up in a culture deeply influenced by Comic Books.

Reviewers Of The Lost Art 1: Getting Started With A New Show (11/09/2012)

Jimmy TR, NNTV, Thomas Fyrehart, & Samantha Maybe discuss the trials and tribulations of starting your own web series. In a fitting twist of fate, the video from the call was completely useless, and over half the audio was garbled beyond recognition.  So, the next day, we pushed forward to bring you this new show, albeit audio only.

We present to you our testament to being an online entertainment producer: When life hands you lemons, make a podcast.

When That Ruled The World – 2 – Growing Up With Star Wars (11/05/2012)

Growing Up With Star Wars

Jimmy TR, Samantha Maybe, Thomas Fyrehart, and SkeleTroy Blockbuster discuss, compare, and contrast their memories of growing up with Star Wars, the original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, LucasArts games, the future of Lucasfilm, and, yes… Ewan MacGregor’s naughty bits.

Theme song – “Happy Ever After” by The Senseless – used with kind permission.

When That Ruled The World 1: 11/02/2012

What was Your First Video Game Console Experience?

Jimmy TR & Tom Fyrehart talk about their first experiences with video game consoles, the international video game market, & all things in between!

Theme song – “Happy Ever After” by The Senseless – used with kind permission.