At First Glance – K-On!

Note: There are spoilers for the first episode of the anime in question in this article. You have been warned.

Welcome back folks. As a quick reminder for those who are new or have forgotten, the idea of these “At First Glance” things is that I watch the first episode of an anime I’ve never seen and give my thoughts on it. Simple, right? With that out of the way, let’s get down to business.

K-On! poster

Yep, another music-centric anime. Almost feel like I should’ve covered this after Love Live! School Idol Project instead of after Gurren Lagann, for the sake of a running theme if nothing else. Ah well.

Plot wise, K-On appears to be a slice-of-life high school anime centering around the members of the Light Music Club at the fictional Sakuragaoka High School; showing how they develop musically as a band. Unlike Love Live where a club is formed to try and gain interest in the school, K-On’s “Light Music Club” is simply an existing club that the main cast actually save from being cut by joining, as there were no members left after the previous members all graduated. The first episode itself basically details the events that lead to the formation of the band.

The group itself, at least in episode one, comprises of four members. Ritsu Tainaka on drums (self-proclaimed leader of the club/band), Mio Akiyama on bass guitar, Tsumugi Kotobuki on keyboard, and Yui Hirasawa on lead guitar. However, in this first episode, Yui admits to not knowing how to play guitar. In their desperation the others simply reassure her that they’ll teach her how to play so she’ll join.

I must admit I really do like this whole set up. The idea of only two people in the group (at least to start with) previously knowing each other, and the other two being essentially random people works really well, as it will allow us to see their friendships develop over the course of the show. I also like how they tease some sort of meaningful reasoning for Ritsu and Mio to want to join the club, only for it to turn out to be something Ritsu dragged Mio into instead.

Whilst the more “we made a promise” reasoning would’ve been fine, it was hilarious to find out that the flashback was either Ritsu remembering it wrong, or just putting on an act in front of Tsumugi to tempt her to join the band. Which is actually another thing that’s interesting to mention. Despite not being the main focus, Ritsu is primarily the driving force behind anyone else joining the band in this episode. For one thing she roped Mio into joining (even ripping up an application she’d filled out for the Literature Club), and falls short of begging Tsumugi to join, when it turns out Tsumugi was actually looking for the Choir Club.

It’s the combined efforts of the three that convinces Yui to join though. The funny thing being, they do a little performance for her (instrumental only) as a way to bait her into joining, and it really doesn’t sound all that bad. But instead of being nice, Yui is brutally honest and admits she thinks they didn’t sound all that great, despite this being what actually wins her over. I honestly laughed really hard at that moment, it was really well done.

As far as the actual characters themselves go, something tells me people probably get annoyed with Yui quite a lot. With her whole clutzy/meek personality it seems like she could easily be a divisive character, but I like her. That said all of the characters so far generally seem very likeable to me; but that could always change as the series goes on. I do generally like slice-of-life anime though so I’m fairly optimistic about the rest of the show based on this first episode alone.

If I’m honest I can’t really think of much else to say about the anime based on the first episode. So on a final note, I must admit K-On! is an anime series I’d always been fairly indifferent on when it came to giving it a try, but I can safely say I am glad I decided to give it a try when I started doing these “At First Glance” things. I enjoyed the first episode and I do plan on watching more of the series.

I would also definitely recommend people check this show out if it sounds like something you’d be interested in; though slice-of-life anime aren’t for everyone. The anime itself is available in both dubbed and subbed formats, and contains 36 episodes in total across two seasons (13 in season one, 26 in season two, which is referred to as “K-On!!”). If you’re interested there is also an OVA made after the first season, and a tie-in movie was also made that takes place during the events of the second season.

Well, that about covers it. If anyone has any suggestions for anime I should watch for this in the future, give me a shout and I’ll put it on my list. If it’s already on my list, I’ll bump it up in priority. However if I’ve already watched it then I’m obviously going to have to decline. See you next time folks.

At First Glance – Love Live! School Idol Project

Note: There are spoilers for the first episode of the anime in question
in this article. You have been warned.

Welcome back folks. Yes, I actually seem to be sticking with this idea. Shocking, I know. As a quick reminder for those who are new or have forgotten, the idea of these “At First Glance” things is that I watch the first episode of an anime I’ve never seen and give my thoughts on it. Simple, right? With that out of the way, let’s get down to business.

Love Live! School Idol Project
Love Live School Idol Project2

The shortest summary I could give for this anime’s premise is like…….it’s a Japanese take on Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit. I mean ok it’s not really but the idea of trying to save a high school that faces closure THROUGH THE POWER OF MUSIC immediately reminded me of Sister Act 2. Take that how you want.

Anyway, to clarify, the plot is that the main characters find out their school, Otonokizaka Academy, is due for closure once all the students currently attending have graduated. However, it is stated that the school can avoid this if the enrollment numbers increase. As a result our main character, Honoka Kōsaka, takes it upon herself to think of a way to help the school out. The end result being that she comes up with the idea to start a “School Idol” club to try and help garner interest in the school.

If I’m entirely honest, I was only made aware of this anime’s existence when I noticed an Australian cosplayer I’ve taken photos of seems to have done a few cosplays based around this anime (including one of the photos I’ve taken of her). Which seems to be a thing for me these days. Who knew cosplay could introduce you to stuff you’d never heard of. That said, the premise of the anime was unknown to me even though I vaguely knew of its existence, so I still went in pretty blind. Well, aside from the assumption that it clearly had something to do with “Idol” groups.

So, what did I think? Fortunately I can say I’m glad that I checked this anime out. The first episode does its job of introducing the core of the main cast very well, as well as getting the plot across without it feeling too rushed. There’s a very natural build to how the events unfold. I did almost question why the school had to allow for everyone currently enrolled to graduate before shutting down, but hell, I assumed fairly quick that it must just be a thing that happens in Japan, so I’ll let it slide. If it isn’t though, feel free to correct me.

What I do actually like is that, in this first episode, the group technically isn’t actually formed. Honoka does manage to convince her friends Umi & Kotori to join her, but their attempt to form an official club is shot down in this first episode. Initially because they generally don’t have enough members to form one (they needed five people), but then also because of their motives behind wanting to form the club.

And hell, Umi even tells Honoka before that that she thinks it realistically wouldn’t work, so Honoka’s friends don’t immediately jump at the idea either. The episode ends with them still determined to do this, but yeah, it doesn’t end up being as easy as just saying “let’s do this!” and it happens, which I definitely appreciate.

Oh and by the way, the entire premise of a group of schoolgirls forming an Idol group? Completely believable to me. I mean hell two of the members of BABYMETAL were like, twelve at best when the group formed. So I think I can buy into the concept of a group of girls aged 15-18 doing it as a school-based thing quite easily.

The song and dance number at the end was pretty good and fun. For some reason though it gave me chills. I have no idea why, but it can only be a good thing. Speaking of the song and dance number, one thing I forgot to mention is that it seems this show uses a mix of normal animation and CG animation for those segments, including during the show’s own opening. It’s an interesting approach, though it was a bit jarring at first. I think they incorporated CG to make it easier to possibly rotoscope some of the dance moves, but I could be wrong on that front.

Oh, there is one last thing I would like to add before I wrap up. I did watched the show dubbed, but the company who did the dubbing actually left the songs in their original Japanese form rather than dubbing them as well. So basically it’s English dubbed dialogue with Japanese singing. I honestly really appreciate this, as it’s something that really bugged me about a certain episode of The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya. People who’ve seen that anime probably know which one I mean.

All-in-all Love Live! School Idol Project is definitely an anime I’ll be watching more of; which makes me three-for-three on that front so far. If this anime seems like it’d be up your alley, I’d say give it a go. Hell, even if it isn’t I’d say it’s worth a try regardless. It’s available in both a subbed and dubbed format, so everyone wins, and the complete show is 26 episodes across two seasons (13 eps each). There’s even a spin-off and an OVA if you really get into it.

Well, that about covers it. If anyone has any suggestions for anime I should watch for this in the future, give me a shout and I’ll put it on my list. If it’s already on my list, I’ll bump it up in priority. However if I’ve already watched it then I’m obviously going to have to decline. See you next time folks.

Bastard Taco- The Myspace Years: Music You Never Heard Before Part 2

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Lets take a stroll down social media memory lane. Damon and Marc DJ some of their favorite unknown/local bands. And we also find out that the boys love Katy Perry. So add us to your top 8 and take a listen.

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Music Kombat Klassics – I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll

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Consequences & RePercussions 01 – Sam Bean (The Berzerker/Senseless)

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Comic Review Show!: Buffy 8 X 2&3

A review of the 2nd and 3rd issues of The Long Way Home

Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics belong to Dark Horse comics

Music Used in this Video Includes:

Theme song by AlanahC
End of Small Sanctuary from Silent Hill 3 soundtrack
Please Love Me… Once More from Silent Hill 3 soundtrack
Never Forgive me, Never Forget Me from Silent Hill 3 soundtrack
Walk on Vanity Ruins from Silent Hill 3 soundtrack
TARDIS from Doctor Who: Series 5

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Why I Love Joss Whedon

Where life’s most important questions fall under scrutiny…

Sam Maybe extrapolates on her love for Joss Whedon. The man, the myth, the heartbreaker.

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Music heard in this video includes:
-Bohemian Like You by the Dandy Warhols
-The Dollhouse Theme for TV by Jonatha Brooke & Eric Bazilian
-A SamMaeB cover of the Firefly Theme for TV written by Joss Whedon
-Whitefall/Book from the Firefly Soundtrack
-The Buffy Theme for TV by Nerf Herder
-The Suite From “Hush” from the Once More With Feeling Soundtrack
-Close Your Eyes Written by Christopher Beck
-The Avengers Theme by Alan Sylvestri
-Shoot To Thrill by AC/DC
-TARDIS from the Doctor Who: Series 5 Soundtrack

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Doctor Gotye?

This is a song I wrote, well I wrote the words, Gotye wrote the music.


Now and then i think of how much I adore you
Man with a blue time machine who can never die
Cause you’ll just regenerate you see, you can change your face but still know me
What would London do without you in December?

Society’s accustomed to a brand of entertainment
Just high explosives and no brains, hardly any brains
All this bad science it just makes no sense
Steven Moffat keeps me in suspense
But my life would feel so dull if it was over

You know I’ll never turn you off
Even if Russel’s rehired I’ll keep on watching
And you’ll always have my love, if someone kills the TARDIS that would be too much
Hope I never have to stoop so low
All my friends’ll write fanfiction and I’ll lose their numbers
Maybe I’ll want that though, if you’re just not the Doctor that I used to know

I’ll still remember all the species that have screwed you over
But in the end you were safe if you’d just run
And I don’t want you to go away, but I’m afraid that if you stay
One day i’ll turn on BBC and say, “hey whatever happened to the Doctor that I used to know?”

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