The Amazing World of Gumball (CCW12)

*bzzt* Inkri*zzt* reviews one *bzt* *zt*toonNetworks’s newer cartoons. *Bzzzzt*tinuity *bzt*……………………………………………………

X-Men (CCW10)

The Inkritic reviews a cartoon based on a team of superheroes he honestly never cared all that much about…but he’d be a douche to dock it points just for that…wait…the Continuity Hiccup AGAIN?

NNTV Update (The Plot Thickens cameo)

NetworkNextTV NEWS

If you’ve been paying close attention to “CartoonCartoonWeek”, then you’ve probably noticed some strange happenings. And you are liable to notice many more as CartoonCartoonWeek progresses. All of these happenings are directly tied in with “The Plot Thickens”. Why is this news? Because the very first short in “The Plot Thickens” is set to be released very soon and there is an opportunity for you to get in a cameo! Your own show, channel, whatever will be noted along the bottom of the video as your cameo plays and it will be noted again in the credits. All you need to do is contact NNTV on ThatRuled and tell him you’d like a cameo.  You may see your cameo when the short airs.

The Plot Thickens (Opening Statement)

“The Plot Thickens” is a series of short stories and video shorts that depict the events happening in the lives of the critics and any other prominent figures in NetworkNext such as That WiseGuy and Nerd E. Whiner.  Some of these things are bound to reference or even be directly connected to episodes of other shows such as The CyniCritic or Capes & Crusaders.  Expect more written shorts than short vids.  The vids take a lot of work and time regardless of how short they are and time is scarce with the other projects and shows.

You may even need to prepare yourself for the possibility of cameos from others around the TGWTG Forums & ThatRuled among other places.

The Plot Thickens

Coming Soon…