Sombra | Pokemon Sun and Moon | Invader Zim Movie – Bulletoon Weekly

Rila and Riley make their Season 2 debut with another glowing episode, featuring Overwatch’s new character, Sombra, the leak of an Invader Zim Movie, and the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon! Stay Tooned!

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Anime Expo 2016 Recap – Bulletoon Weekly

Toon In with Rila and Riley as they walk through some of the big stories with Anime Expo, this year! What’s the news with Little Witch Academia? How’s Toonami doing? Is there something brewing for Gundam? All this and more on the latest Bulletoon Weekly! Stay Tuned!

Bastard Taco- That 90’s Episode Volume 2 (Part 1)

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In our first volume 2 lets go back to a time when acid wash jeans was king and Kurt Cobain was God. In this episode we reminisce our favorite childhood food, discuss the rise of the Juggalo, Waynes Bros and finish off with some magical Tim Allen talk


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Bastard Taco- It’s a Bastard Christmas!!

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Ho Ho ho!! Happy Christ day to all you bastards out there. In this episode Damon and Marc discuss what they love what they love most about the holiday, open a few presents and get a visit from a VERY special guest.


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Bastard Taco LIVE: Season 3 Finale!!

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 So this was our first event we ever created and it was really awesome. Tim Halberstam (@Kastfilms) and surprise guest Zach Holmes (@TrillWizard911) came by to share stories from the homegrown stunt world. Also Zach sheds some light on what happened that time Damon went to Chicago.


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Bastard Taco- When Music Videos Get Weird

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In this experimental episode we do commentary for some of the weirdest music videos we could find. In this Part we watch

-Gunther “Ding Dong Song (You Touch My Tralala)

-Crispin Glover “Clowny Clown Clown”

-Tim Curry “Paradise Garage”

Watch along with us with our playlist-


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Bastard Taco- The Para-NOT-SO-normal

As I write this its the tail end of Halloween night and if you are like me and still have a sweet tooth for some Halloween goodness.Well after you come home after the bar and you tried to bone the chick that dressed like a sexy baby (I legit saw this tonight) I got you covered.

Listen to the episode here!!

In this episode we talk about the little known Bridge Water Triangle and how it’s dripping with paranormal phenomena including: the red hair hitcher, cow skinning and the weird places that you can find a seal. 

So check it out, you know you need some background noise as you run on the fumes of tonight’s sugar binge.

Bastard Taco- I Wonder If Rico Roman Likes Pistachio Ice Cream?

Hello!! We are Bastard Taco Podcast and this is our first post to and we gotta give a big thanks to everybody for having us!!

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In this episode we start off with some homegrown stunt news, discuss WWE NXT,Goosebumps TV show and Halloween movies.

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The Signal – Green Lantern: First Flight

Stay Tuned after the review for a special announcement and an important update.
Ink wraps up the first installment of THE SIGNAL with his review of the DC Animated feature, Green Lantern: First Flight

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Iconic Assembly – Wonder Woman vol. 1

Ink finishes his retrospective into the New 52 with Wonder Woman. This episode also concludes the introduction to the show’s official new setup. Enjoy.

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Iconic Assembly – Teen Titans vol. 1

Ink’s analysis of the New52 continues with volume 1 of the Teen Titans.  Titans, TOGETHER!

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NetworkNews Update (4/4/14)

Hello Viewers,

It’s time for another NetworkNews Update.  There’s some really cool news this time and some uneventful stuff, so let’s get this underway.

Hiatus Set End-Date?

First thing’s first, the show will be coming back by the end of next month.  That is pretty much a sure thing.  At the time of my writing this, I am uncertain of whether the show will maintain its weekly format or will have to change to biweekly/monthly.  I can say, with certainty, that the first few reviews back are going to be multi-part episodes, released across several days instead of all at once.  This is because these episodes were done in a…”unique” way.  Rather than reviewing one or two issues a title, I knocked out an entire volume.  While I hesitate to say that I won’t be doing that again, I will say that it’s something that won’t happen often, as the preparation required to get that type of thing ready for shooting is a nightmare.

The schedule is remaining unchanged.

-Red Hood & The Outlaws vol. 1

-Teen Titans vol. 1

-Super-Girl vol. 1

-Wonder Woman vol. 1

Following this series of New 52 reviews, I will be taking a break from the New 52 to do some backtracking.  I intend to re-review a number of comics that I’d reviewed in the past, but better.  I won’t disclose those here, but I haven’t really reviewed that many so your odds of guessing the right ones are high.

Now let’s talk about the really fun news.  My room, AKA, my “set”, is done.  Everything is set up in my room the way I want it.  All I have to do is put up a couple posters that will be here in the mail within the next week.  I also have all of the props I need.

More cool stuff coming for the show includes a new, original theme song, a logo for the show, a general title card, and a number of other new features that will hopefully make the show seem more tightly knit.  One addition that I’ll be contributing on my own is the addition of a sort of “Comic Segment” in the show.  This is basically a way to handle certain storyline bits without having to worry about costumes and props and things.  I don’t have any money to pay anyone else to draw them, so I’ll have to do that myself.

Call to Assist

Next I want to mention the official NNTV Patreon account.  I’d really appreciate it if you guys would help support what I do by sharing the account with others and contributing, yourselves.  It’s only a dollar a month (though you can donate whatever amount you want) and if I can get a few regular patrons, I should be able to improve the show even further.  And I am working on the prizes and benefits of donations.  Presently I am working on have T-Shirts and other paraphernalia made, so that’s something to look forward to.  I’ll also look into doing exclusive live chats and video prizes, as well as some other cool stuff, like maybe a Toonified version of you or something.  Contact me if you have any idea what you guys might want in return for your help with donations.

You can find that page at:


There anything in particular that you guys would like to see me do v-logs on?  Here’s a list of what I already have planned for the foreseeable future.

-Kim Possible

-My Life as a Teenage Robot


-Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

-The Spectacular Spider-Man

-Batman: Mask of the Phantasm


-Pokemon (Indigo League – Johto League)


The only Con that I may be able to attend in the near future is Mythicon, right here in Orlando.  September 19-21.  I can’t go to any cons out of state, for fairly obvious reasons.

New Content

This is something of an experiment, but if anyone would be interested in seeing written original content, then please let me know.  I am, after all, a writer first.  I am working on a few comics, but that’s not quite the same…and they take longer…a lot longer.


I believe that’s about the long and short of everything.  Don’t forget to follow my blog and follow me on Twitter.  Like ThatRuled on Facebook, of course.  Like and share our content and, as always, take care.

TV(tehe) Bravest Warriors: Season 1

Samantha Maybe is back again to watch cartoons and entertain you with her whimsy. In this episode she watches Bravest Warriors Season 1 in its entirety.

Bravest Warriors is a production of Cartoon Hangover and is created by Pendleton Ward

The music featured in this episode is from Adventure Time

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Thanks for watching! You’re Awesome.