Getting (more) into Horror Games


Lately I’ve been watching a lot of lets plays by the youtuber Markiplier. If you have never seen any of his stuff here are a couple videos I would recommend: 

Five Nights at Freddy’s reaction video

Once Change lets play

Surgeon Simulator 2013

Markiplier has a lot of lets plays for horror games, and I was first introduced to him by Grant when I started getting interested in Five Nights at Freddy’s, but was too much of a wimp to actually play the games. As much as I love video games I’ve found it hard to be able and sit down and play anything substantial for a while. Of course there was my Animal Crossing addiction but…those were dark times. 

Work has been a drag lately, so I turn to Markiplier to entertain me! I’ve watched a good number of his videos over the past couple weeks, but there are a few major things I’ve really enjoyed. Also, there’s a lot about the experience of horror that Mark (can I call you Mark?) has made me think about!

This is not the first time in my life I’ve been interested in horror/survival horror games. Games like Silent Hill 3 and Dead Space are a huge staple of my slightly younger years, and also my relationship with my brother. As I said, I am a bit of a wuss! I have a hard time actually playing the games myself, but I love to watch other people play them. Markiplier is especially fun to watch, in my opinion. Some people think he’s too…noisy, but I find him funny the vast majority of the time. He isn’t afraid to show that he’s scared, or upset, or frustrated. It’s really hard for me to watch the Surgeon Simulator 2013 videos because I just laugh way too much to be acceptable in my office. 

Some of my favorite games recently are Five Nights at Freddy’s, the Deep Sleep series, amnesia, and Fatal Frame. The Deep Sleep games especially have stuck in my mind. The story was very interesting and there’s still a good amount of mystery surrounding the whole story. Markiplier has lets plays of all those games if you’re interested and I believe they’re free to play also. 

When I watch people like Markiplier play horror games, it’s difficult to find it as scary as I would if I were playing myself. It kind of makes any horror game into…a dark comedy. Yes, the jump scares are still scary. Yes, I still have an irrational fear of animatronic bears. However, along with the memories of the terror are memories of humor. So all in all I find it easier to experience. 

This has had an interesting affect on my horror movie watching habits. Usually I don’t like to watch scary movies, but recently that’s all I’ve wanted to watch . My internal dialogue has shifted. Instead of just feeling overwhelmed and scared, I find myself imagining how Markiplier might respond and laughing at the most horrifying of things! 

What’s your opinion of horror in popular media? It’s something I find a lot of people really love or really hate. Also, let me know if there are any games you recommend to play, or watch lets plays for. Thanks for reading!

You’re Awesome. 

Sam Talks of the Dead: Chapter 8

Here it is the last STotD in compendium 1! In my opinion the TV series is headed to a similar ending in the next part of season 3, but only time will tell!

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Sam Talks of the Dead: Chapter 7

With the growing threat of war, who knows what will happen in the seventh chapter of the Walking Dead?!???! Oh wait…I do. And now I’m going to tell you about it.

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Sam Talks of the Dead: Chapter 6

The first part of season 3 is over, and things are getting pretty intense! With a newborn to take care of and a growing case of insanity, Rick has a lot to worry about. In the comic book world, Lori has yet to give birth and Rick has lost his right hand. Guess no matter which universe you’re in, the life of Rick Grimes is a difficult one.

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Sam Talks of the Dead: Chapter 5

With the stability of the entire group and Rick Grimes himself falling under scrutiny, what else could possibly go wrong in the next chapter of the The Walking Dead? Will Michonne go crazy and kill everyone? Will Carol and Tyrese reconcile their differences? How on earth does Lori have enough food to sustain her pregnancy? Maybe we’ll get some answers in this chapter.

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Sam Talks of the Dead: Chapter 4

We reach an interesting point in the intersection of television and comic at this point. The TV series, as any one familiar with both forms of media will tell you, is moving at a much faster pace than the comic does. In addition it’s moving at a much faster pace than the TV has in the past. What does this mean for the future of the show? In my opinion nothing but good things can come of this. I think the writers realized how good the upcoming material was a decided to do crazy things like consolidate entire chapter into one single TV episode. Has it been working? Yes I believe it has been working quite well, and I’m really interested to see how far they get in comic land by the end of this season. The speed of season 3 does mean that I have more TV comparisons to make so lets get to it!

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Sam Talks of the Dead: Chapter 3

Hey it’s time for Chapter 3 of The Walking Dead!!! Wooo! I was genuinely excited to read this chapter, as it is the first one that goes on past the TV show…and now that i’ve read it…i’m even more excited to watch the new episodes. I was worried that I would feel that reading the comics completely ruined the show for me, as I’ve spoken with other readers who aren’t pleased with the way the show is going. However I feel that both the TV show and the comics are a delightful look at the logistics of post-zombieapocalyptic survival and that similarly to Fight Club they compliment each other well. The dramatic elements of a TV show are somewhat different than those utilized in a comic book, and so the big differences in storytelling are, I feel, overall justified for a TV audience. Anyway, back to the comic!

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Sam talks of the Dead: Chapter 1

As you may know from watching my recent comic reviews, I’ve recently started reading several different comic book series. One of them is The Walking Dead. I’ve got 96 issues in 2 compendiums and I feel that this experience is epic enough to warrant written reviews by chapter. Now you may be thinking, “But Sam, your videos are funny and you get drunk all the time won’t you please make us Walking Dead videos instead???”. Well, no…no I won’t. I’ve already taken on all of Buffy to review in video form, and taking on 9 years of this series just sounds like too much. Maybe I’ll do one or two if the chapters are particularly entertaining. In this first installment you get my thoughts on the first chapter! Yay? And of course this post, along with the next one will be rife with comparisons to the TV show. If you are not up to date with the TV show there are some SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! Without further ado…

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