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I decide to use the Thranda G1000 alternate view and zoom in close to make it easier for me to manually enter the waypoints in the MFD. They can be individually turned on and off from the “General” tab from the options window and the light direction is controlled from the passenger compartment, very impressive! Some planes are simply misunderstood no matter what direction they’re approached from. For this flight I am going to use 700FPM. The flight sim controls manufacturer provides equipment to the Lakeland aviation education center. This window controls all of the basic features of the Thranda Quest Kodiak such as the doors, lights and exterior static features. The cabin inspection is self-explanatory and all I want to say is that it would be nice if a control lock is included in a future update. There is no better way to appreciate the Kodiak than actually flying in the plane. Comments. More Aircraft. Read the definitive Skoda Kodiaq 2020 review from the expert What Car? This sound effect is very impressive. The Kodiak is described as an exceptional model by the X-Plane.Org store details and it certainly lives up to that billing. visit website . Quest Kodiak version 2 by Thranda Design is available as a free update to current users of the aircraft. This remarkable plane can use the same short, challenging airstrips as the Cessna 206 while transporting twice the cargo! FlyersRights Appeals the FAA’s 737 Max Ungrounding Decision. I am a more of a fly for fun simulator pilot rather than operating the aircraft in the most realistic way possible. Humanitarian efforts are exactly what the Kodiak was originally designed for in the early 2000’s. I decided to zoom in close to get a good look at the outstanding labeling textures but the switches are still very usable from the default view. Flying may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. So I get in the habit of opening the default C172 before closing XP10 and so far this solved my crash issue. As infomercials like to say, “But wait there’s more” and before commenting about this wonderful feature I just want to say that the exterior textures of the Thranda Quest Kodiak are beautiful looking with wonderfully reflective surfaces. 2018 was the biggest year ever for Quest Aircraft Company. As you can see from the first screen grab below, the default weight values other than the pilot and copilot are not very realistic. I load cargo into the pod and these items are now visible in the cargo pod, very nice! As of September 2013, a total of 100 Kodiaks have been produced by Quest Aircraft. The Quest Kodiak (now Daher Kodiak) is an American utility aircraft designed and built by Quest Aircraft.The high-wing, unpressurized, single-engined turboprop has a fixed tricycle landing gear and is suitable for STOL operations from unimproved airfields. Reviewer Ray Anderson really enjoyed flying the planes. In 2010, I traveled to Haiti to deliver medical supplies in the aftermath of the powerful earthquake that leveled much of the area in and around impoverished Port-au-Prince. This is another realistic feature that again makes the Thranda Quest Kodiak one of my favorite simulated aircraft that I have installed on all of my simulators. Below the Audio Panel and the MFD are the S-TEC autopilot, flight & engine HOBBS meters, ELT and the oxygen system. Review: Quest Kodiak From Lionheart Creations. Also, the Kodiak was designed to work in the bush where resources are Spartan. If you are new to the Garmin G1000 system the left display directly in front of the pilot is the Primary Flight Display (PFD) which displays your critical flight information. Not too shabby and I was able to still smoothly pan around the cockpit with the engine running and the G1000 displays powered on. Since this is my first X-Plane premium aircraft review I want to explain how I review simulator aircraft. Another benefit, Thranda is going to provide free updates through the duration of the XP10 and XP11 simulator versions which is great. Climb and cruise performance is excellent and the Kodiak is very responsive to my control movements. The main landing gear is overbuilt with abuse in mind, the fuselage features double rivets just in case, and the rudder is massive. I also did not have any performance issues with overall operation of this aircraft including smooth panning in the 3D cockpit. I do want to note one major issue I had with the Kodiak MFD, I opened the checklist and not only could I not close this page, it seemed to lockup all of the other MFD softkeys and buttons. If you want to operate the Kodiak in the most realistic possible way consult the cruise power tables and adjust accordingly. Kodiak Funding provides the Capital You Need to Succeed! I consider myself a flight simulator enthusiast so I thought I should expand my collection and try X-Plane 10. Even though I cannot feel the heating and cooling effect, I really like that the operation including the thermostat is simulated with the Thranda Quest Kodiak. If you like ground static objects and other realistic exterior features than you are going to love the Thranda Quest Kodiak. One of our colleagues will contact you shortly. This is my first premium X-Plane aircraft and installation could not be easier. What I like about the X-Plane views is that they retain the default zoom and eye position so that when I adjust these values for a better view, I can quickly return to the default view without having to remember the default settings. More Aircraft. The Kodiak is a true STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) aircraft powered up front by a PT6A-34 producing 750 shp allowing the Kodiak to get off the ground in just over 1,000 feet with a full load of cargo or its 10 passengers. For approach, the checklist says lower flaps 10 degrees below 138 knots, 20 degrees below 120 knots and full (35 degrees) below 108 knots indicated. The ground station frequencies may be tuned but other than ATIS are not usable until you file an IFR flight plan. Thranda updates the Kodiak from time to time and to update, simply run update program located in the aircraft folder. The Quest Kodiak is a difficult plane to describe because it’s so many things at once. 18F Jakarta 13810, Indonesia +62 21 8779 5411 Indonesia Jet HQ DMCC Fortune Tower, C1 Unit 2405 JTL, Dubai, UAE … The Quest Kodiak is a modern single turboprop utility plane that can be configured to go anywhere and do anything. The autopilot is controlling the aircraft without issue so I settle in and enjoy the outside scenery and continue monitoring the instruments. But, as I learned during my time with the airplane, the “decade of improvements” Quest has since made to the Kodiak renders the Kodiak Series II a totally different animal than the original. Tough gear for rough situations. Two features that help with the aircraft STOL performance are a fixed, discontinuous leading edge on the outboard wing and the high performance Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-34 turboprop engine rated at 750 horsepower. Also I was not impressed with the simulator textures and these simulators were not very user friendly for users new to the X-Plane world. I love the realism and hopefully Thranda can come up with a fix. The Kodiak Series II is a new but continuously refined airplane. For more details and to purchase here is the link to product page: . Get Approved in Minutes + Same Day Funding! I usually rely on other talented simulator artists to create new paint schemes for aircraft in my virtual hangar but with this easy to use option, anyone should be able to create their own custom livery for the Thranda Quest Kodiak. I do not know if this is necessary but X-Plane remembers your previous session and I encountered simulator startup crashes when I exited with the Kodiak loaded. I immediately perform an emergency descent and eventually the cockpit became visible again which is very good for me. There is a clique that supervises and leads the production floor that have been there since the early days of Quest coupled with management that is about as cutthroat as they come. According to the “Enroute Climb” checklist I want to maintain 110-120KIAS, place the fuel pump on standby, reduce the propeller RPM to 2000-2200 and continue to monitor the instruments. For $33.95 I wish all variants would be included instead of having to purchase an expansion pack but for the right price and the added work required, I can certainly understand the reasoning for a premium expansion pack. Similar to controlling the doors, to display the various covers and tie downs, click on the appropriate spot on the aircraft outline but to save time I am going to click on “All Covers” and “All Tie – Downs”. Easy Application. The Kodiak is a high wing, unpressurized, single-engine turboprop powered, fixed tricycle gear aircraft. Before moving on to the flight model, I just want to say Thranda has included more features with the Quest Kodiak then similar general aviation aircraft, costing more. My favorite feature is the Dynamic Livery Generator. Flight Review: Quest Kodiak. Funding To Help Your Business: Expand Inventory. If visible moisture is present or the outside air temperature is less than 4 degrees Centigrade, turn on the Pitot/Static heat. Fly safer in all-weather conditions. I was able to perform a short field landing but will have to practice some more because I have a tendency to land a bit hard, even though I thought I was just above the runway, the ELT alarm would go off. I am not really interested online ATC and I will have to look into single player alternatives. Average hourly rate including fixed and variable costs based on the number of annual flight hours. Phone Required. The “After Landing” and “Shutdown” checklists are self-explanatory and I did not have any issues with them. The Quest Kodiak Medium Turbo-prop is manufactured by Quest since 2008. The passenger compartment looks just as impressive as the cockpit. I am now going to adjust the system time to look at the lighting effects and it is impressive but Thranda has included a lighting feature that greatly enhances the experience, the ability to control the individual passenger lights. Standards are rigid and can become frustrating at times but mostly because everyone takes tremendous pride in their work. I did not have any issues with the “Before Takeoff” checklist and I am now located at the active ready to get under way. Comfort, capacity and economy for business or personal use. Currently, the update is only available to users on X-Updater, though it will be available through the store page later today, according to the developer.. You can purchase the aircraft for $33.95 USD on the Store here.. The Kodiaq's versatile interior continues to impress, but this punchiest petrol engine will be … A talking point during prospective Kodiak 100 sales demos is the -34’s lower overhaul cost, compared to other variants. Overall, the textures and animation of this person work without a performance penalty but there is what I consider a serious flaw with the animation, the head moves at about chin level instead of the whole head moving which looks very strange. Configured with a near standard G1000 avionics package and possessing relatively easy to handle performance attributes, Thranda’s Quest Kodiak feels good to fly and its relatively peppy given the potential cargo or passenger loadout. When I first open these doors and look inside all I see is an empty compartment but Thranda has included a very realistic feature with this aircraft, manual passenger and cargo loading of the aircraft. Quest is an exciting young company that is starting to be noticed in Aviation circles. Where X-Plane still has a long ways to go is with the default air traffic control communications, this feature is horrible. I decided to do another review flight that is longer so that I can see how the S-TEC 55X autopilot works and also use the oxygen system because my cruise level for this flight will be 17,500 feet. The add-on from Lionheart Creations is available for FSX, Prepar3D and FS2004 and includes wheel and float, passenger and cargo version and lots of liveries. At the very left of the instrument panel contains the essential backup analog instruments along with the headset jacks and with the Version 1.3 update, Thranda added an attenuation function and when clicking on the jacks, sounds are muted somewhat similar to what you would experience when wearing a headset. The Sandpoint, ID area is nothing short of breathtaking. One thing that I have learned from my brief turboprop aircraft experience is that you slowly apply power and if full power is required, use only briefly for takeoff and then reduce to save your engine. Thanks to Pete H and Agent B-7 for tipping us off! If you are looking for a flying Swiss Army Knife that can carry pretty much do anything and everything you can think of and get you safely in and out of short rough fields in hard to reach places, this is … AIN’s Matt Thurber had an opportunity to fly the new Quest Kodiak 100 Series II from the company’s factory in Sandpoint, Idaho to Santa Monica, California. Review: Quest Kodiak From Lionheart Creations. With this new REP package, both the normal and the amphibian version get a big pimp up. Aircraft Update Review : Quest Kodiak v1.5 by Thranda The Kodiak is based on the principals of the extremely successful Cessna Caravan 200B, which is a single PT6A-140 868 hp (647 kW) Turboprop short-haul regional airliner and utility aircraft with a seating arrangement for nine passengers and two crew. The screen grab below has all of the static object click spot areas displayed as “green” meaning they are currently put away and the aircraft is ready for a flight. The short field touchdown speed is 76 knots and at this speed you should not have an issue with landing at short field airstrips. A smart aircraft designed for the 21st century. Lastly, it is now time to turn on all of the exterior lights and just like all of the other features, have very impressive effects. It's easy! It is all of these extra features that make the Thranda Quest Kodiak such an outstanding value. There are so many nice features included with this aircraft that should make most flight simulator enthusiasts very happy. “The Quest Kodiak is the bush plane of the 21st century, capable of delivering payload or passengers in any part of the world!” Summary. The downside to this is that because the crew was already loaded correctly, the pilot and co-pilot would suddenly become over weight and this is displayed by color code changing from green, yellow and finally red. This is a fully functioning unit, for example, when you open the configuration page, the virtual pilot can switch between Fahrenheit and Centigrade, manage the vents and control the individual heaters which is great but after completing this section I found out about another wonderful feature. I am now cruising to my destination, my system settings are currently Torque: 1111, ITT is 495 degrees, propeller RPM is 2186 and the NG% is currently 78.9, all safely in the safe green range. In 2002, the new 27,000 square foot facility was officially dedicated and the company moved production to this new facility and current home of Quest Aircraft located at Sandpoint Municipal Airport in Sandpoint, Idaho. Before I taxi to the active runway I want to enter a flight plan into the MFD. To quickly conclude this section, the Thranda Quest Kodiak is a terrific aircraft to manually fly or to have the autopilot control the aircraft on those long cross country flights. On my other simulators, G1000 glass panels tended to have some issues with performance, mostly with response times when using the various glass panel functions. Every part of the model is created in detail and the emphasis is around recreating the character and capabilities of the real thing. To have the best exterior preflight inspection experience I recommend opening all doors and displaying all of the aircraft static features. Simply put, the Quest Kodiak 100, Series II is the most modern, rugged, and reliable airplane in its class. Review: Quest Kodiak From Lionheart Creations. And still, with all this, the Kodiak can blast off from a 1,000-foot strip with a full load. Aircraft Update : Quest Kodiak v1.6 by Thranda In my last update review of Thranda's excellent Quest Kodiak which was v1.5, I detailed the addition of Laminar Research's G1000 GPS system and then compared it to the original Carenado G1000 avionic package that had come installed with the aircraft from release. And still, with all this, the Kodiak can blast off from a 1,000-foot strip with a full load. I am going to start with system performance first. Weight and balance manager graphics adapt to seating conf… A wonderful graphical representation of the Kodiak is on this window that displays the status of these features and as you can see from the screen grab below, the right door is open as indicated by the red indication of this door on the aircraft outline. For a turboprop, it is relatively easy to operate, can operate into short airstrips and includes many wonderful features that I am proud to have it as my first premium X-Plane aircraft. Pressing this opens that backup system displays on the PFD and I always do this because I like having this information right in front of me. That being said, I will use the checklists during the review and until I am comfortable with the operation of my new aircraft. Founder of AVSIM Online. Now is a good time to open the Pop-up menu that allows you to control the various features of the Thranda Quest Kodiak and is accessed my pressing the small arrow on the left side of the window. Thanks to Pete H and Agent B-7 for tipping us off! I can confirm these settings and this is going to be a terrific aircraft for operating into and out of remote Canadian and Alaska airstrips. The pilot side window is very easy to operate and I like that I can hear outside noises when the window or the door is opened, and the sounds are realistically muted somewhat when the door and window are closed. Another option is to use the “All Doors” function which will open or close all of the aircraft doors. Dave Tonks reviews Lionheart Creations' flight sim take on the Quest Kodiak, a rugged bush aircraft favoured by the Missionary Aviation Fellowship. Until I got used to the exact spots for the left and right front door operation, I had a difficult time because these click spots are near the left and right engine cowling doors. I like how the camera smoothly pans when switching between the views. The animation and sound effect of the door operation is excellent. The Skoda Kodiaq continues the Skoda legacy of being the same… but different.In this case the Czech brand has delivered a proper mid-size SUV, but with seven seats like a large SUV. I like that the labels are clear, easy to read and that there operation provides a nice sound effect. Email us or call us today at 1.309.346.3348 Site Sponsor. Garmin’s adds Aerodata runway analysis capability. Now for the bad news, there is a bug with the oxygen system and that it depletes too rapidly and if you fly above 12,000 feet for any length of time, you will suffer the effects of hypoxia. These aircraft are of a niche aircraft but a very important and useful niche, and that is … I will be using the printed checklist so this is not an issue in the long run for me. For a turboprop, it is relatively easy to operate, can operate into short airstrips and includes many wonderful features that I am proud to have it as my first premium X-Plane aircraft. Configured with a near standard G1000 avionics package and possessing relatively easy to handle performance attributes, Thranda’s Quest Kodiak feels good to fly and its relatively peppy given the potential cargo or passenger loadout. The developer is also very quick to issue updates for bug fixes and improved features. February 27, 2009. Adjusting the loaded weight and balance is very easy. The “Descent” checklist is not much help and says to adjust power for desired rate of descent. Selecting the “Camera” tab allows the pilot to quickly select the various exterior views and can be useful for the exterior preflight inspection. This page allows you to select all of the various click spots to display or hide all of the “Cold & Dark” static features. It marked our 10th year of production. For the most part with the exception of some realistic procedures that are not simulated you can follow the interior preflight checklist for a satisfying experience. In March 2007, serial number 001, the first fully conforming production aircraft, made its initial flight and joined the Kodiak prototype in the flight test program. Review: Quest Kodiak From Lionheart Creations. Another interior option on the “General” tab is the ability to turn off or back on the window reflection feature which I prefer to be turned off. Formally Quest Aircraft, the Daher Kodiak 100 was first introduced in 2008 as a rugged off airport single engine turboprop aircraft. Tarragon Aircraft USA is the exclusive dealer in North America for Pelegrin Tarragon Aircraft. I am going to depart Olympia and fly to Felts Field (KSFF) located in Spokane, Washington and I will be crossing over the Cascade Mountains. AIN’s Matt Thurber had an opportunity to fly the new Quest Kodiak 100 Series II from the company’s factory in Sandpoint, Idaho to Santa Monica, California. Unpack the folder and copy this folder to the General Aviation folder in the X-Plane Aircraft directory. Two years to the day that the production facility opened, the Quest Kodiak prototype made its first flight and within three months had completed its 50th flight. I am used to the FSX/P3D turbine aircraft taxi procedure that when you apply power it takes some time for the aircraft to start moving so it is possible to apply to much power and have the aircraft “lurch” forward and taxi too fast. This view allows me to see an overall view of the left side of the instrument panel but similar to the other G1000 equipped aircraft that I own for all simulators, this view is too far away for me to clearly see the information on the displays. As the chart displays, fixed costs are spread over more hours, the more you fly up to the point where additional crew will be required. The developer modeled the vent sounds in 3D so when you adjust the vents with the fan turned on; the sound effect level adjusts with the vent movement. Simply click on the area on the aircraft outline and the camera will smoothly pan to that area of the aircraft and I sometimes adjust the zoom level and use my joystick pan control to get a better look. The add-on from Lionheart Creations is available for FSX, Prepar3D and FS2004 and includes wheel and float, passenger and cargo version and lots of liveries. This updated model includes an improved door-step mechanism, optional single-point refueling, and a faster Garmin G1000 NXi cockpit with a multifunctional display. The first thing that I notice is that the Carenado NAV database does not automatically populate the departure airport into the first line on the G1000 flight plan but the entry process is similar to entering flight plans on other simulator GPS units. Created for use in the humanitarian field, the Quest Kodiak delivers raw utility at a great price. When you find the one that you would like to use select “Apply” which will automatically switch to the new paint scheme and will also open some basic exterior paint options for the virtual pilot to play with. Before doing this open the purchase email and copy the serial number to the Windows Clipboard. Activation is still required for updates so do not lose your purchase email. Quest Kodiak. Below these controls is the throttle quadrant. Check specs, prices, performance and compare with similar cars. My first flight is going to be a short cross country as I continue to explore the Pacific Northwest in XP10. It is this type of small but critical feature that often times overlooked with flight simulator aircraft. I am now at my cruise altitude at 17,500 feet and discover another very realistic feature included with the Thranda Quest Kodiak, blacking out do too lack of oxygen! Unpack both downloaded folders and the files are small, (aircraft 273 MB & database 871 MB), so downloading them should not be an issue. According to the “Short Field Takeoff” checklist the flap setting is 20 degrees, rotation at 50KIAS, and the initial climb is 72KIAS. By Robert Goyer. Allen has volunteered his airplane to bring disaster relief to the Abacos after Hurricane Dorian. With more than 100 airplanes delivered, the highly capable Kodiak is quickly cementing its reputation as a backcountry legend. I like the small three dimensional details that are included on the pilot and co-pilot such as the headsets and pocket protectors. The autopilot also controls your power level in order to maintain your current airspeed and the selected vertical speed. lhc quest kodiak lionheart bush stol turboprop This is the incredible new Quest Kodiak by Quest Aircraft Corporation in Sandpoint Idaho. This review will cover the Quest Kodiak v1.6 (February 2nd 2018) along with its expansion pack, both available in the store. Cockpit features both large and small are all three dimensional and very realistic looking. The Quest Kodiak is a modern single turboprop utility plane that can be configured to go anywhere and do anything. Quest Aircraft Inc. is an up and coming business with a foot in the door of a booming industry. Quest chose the 750-HP Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34. After I become more familiar with the Kodiak this probably will not be necessary. As of January 2017, there has not been an update to fix this so for now I will try to stay below 10,000 feet for most of my flights. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. The Thranda Quest Kodiak is one of my favorite simulator aircraft that I have ever installed on any of my simulators. The first eight deliveries go to American Flyers. Setting up my controls was also easier for me than with earlier versions and from what I have seen in XP11, this has been improved further. It has standard recess doors for the pilot and co-pilot along with a clamshell door (49-1/4” x 49-1/4”) in the left aft fuselage for cargo loading or for access to the other eight passenger positions. I thought that I must have run out of oxygen or this system had quit working. Quest Kodiak Series II. I do not have an issue with this because this is similar to most other X-Plane add-on products. When looking at the support forum I discovered that the oxygen system takes a while to fill the cockpit and the higher up that you are before activing it the longer it takes to fill up the cockpit, which is what happened to me. For reference the color white is “255” which is now entered in all three color adjustment boxes. All of these static objects look great in the simulator and I love that when I adjust the zoom level, I can clearly read the labels on the flags and from this view I get a good look at the detailed gear assembly. Unlike competitors that were designed decades ago, the Kodiak benefits from the latest advances in engineering and technology. Kodiak Funding can help you get $1,500 – $50,000 today! All rights reserved. This is my first XP10 premium aircraft and I was slightly intimidated with the install process. ATC provider investigating more passive forms of airport communication services. I also like that the small battery is included which probably is the backup battery for the ELT. But, as I learned during my time with the airplane, the “decade of improvements” Quest has since made to the Kodiak renders the Kodiak Series II a totally different animal than the original. The Sandpoint, ID area is nothing short of breathtaking. Before performing the engine start procedure, I need to load the aircraft and this is where the Weight and Balance feature is realistically simulated. The “Dynamic Livery” option allows you to select an additional 22 liveries but also allows you to adjust the colors of all of the various exterior features for the selected aircraft. More realistic, is to load each of the seats and cargo areas separately, keeping the warning color green to indicate that you are still in a safe center of gravity. I like when these types of realistic features are included or added based on customer input.

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